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Maurizio Giammarco Quartet_special guest Bill Stewart_2007, January 22


Maurizio Giammarco Quartet
special guest Bill Stewart

Label: L'espresso/Casa del Jazz
Catalog# CdJ2_05
Format: CD
Country: Italy

Recorded Live at Casa del Jazz,
Rome 2007, January 22

Maurizio Giammarco (tenor, soprano sax), 
Salvatore Bonafede (p),
Paolino Dalla Porta (bass), 
Bill Stewart (drums)


Part One
1) Side Slide 6:39
2) Ed Blackwell 11:11
3) Parenti Stretti 4:15
4) Dispneade 8:59

Part Two
5) Blue 10:23
6) Released 5:29
7) Lode al Silenzio 4:13
8) Conn 8:29
9) Observers are Worried, Believers are ENjoying 5:50

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  1. Sono l'unico che ha problemi con il download prima parte di questo file? Parte seconda scaricate velocemente senza problemi. Facci sapere, grazie!

    Am I the only one who has trouble downloading Part One of this file? Part Two downloaded quickly with no problems. Let us know, thanks!

  2. Hello gdgm+,

    the file, to date, has been downloaded 64 times, and even now, I've tried, it was available.

    Unfortunately, this is the same problem that I described in my blog HORO:
    You just have to try again and again, or make a donation, so I can pay a premium subscription on Megaupload and everything would be faster.

    Here, everything is free!

    You try again, and you'll be lucky.

  3. I can not download the first part as well. It seems to be a problem for this file because I have downloaded all the previous cds without any problem. Here I would like to say that this collection is really impresive. I am astonishing after listening to every cd, I am fully thankfull for the oportunnity of listening to the current italian jazz. No doubt one of the highest level in the world.

    I´ll keep on trying to download the first part anyway!!

    best regards and thank you

  4. I downloaded the Franco DÁndrea and Doctor 3 Cds but no way with the part 1 of the Gianmarco!!!

    Please uploaded again if it causes no problem to you.


  5. Thanks for the Maurizio Giammarco. A name previously unknown to me, but what tone!

  6. finally i could download the first part!!! Aleluya for this great disc.