domenica 27 ottobre 2019

Jazz Italiano Live

This series was created by Luciano Linzi, artistic director of Casa del Jazz of Rome, was produced in collaboration with publishing group "la Repubblica/L'espresso". 

The series was published for four consecutive years, 2006_2007_2008_2009.

41 CDs in all, sold over 1.000.000 copies.
The recordings are all original live productions.

These CDs are not for sale, but were distributed in Italy with the weekly magazine "L'espresso".

7 commenti:

  1. What an effort! Thanks again for your generosity! A lot of interesting stuff, I hardly know where to start with...

  2. Thanks for posting these - I first found out about the series by accident 2 years ago, when I bought a used copy of the Stefano Bollani number 09 in a New York City store. However, others in the series proved to be impossible to find in the States, since there was not an importer from Italy for them . I was looking into possible mailorder, but these years were out of print and unavailable. So, grazie mille!!

  3. Glad there is now a site for this series. There's something special about the form, and the playing is always relaxed and intimate. I'll be interested to discover those recordings I do not already have.

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